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The logos developed at Veritas Graphic Design are personally tailored to quickly and graphically define the company to their target audience. For each client we identified their market, unique services and overall atmosphere to offer solutions that appealed to their intended clients.

print and advertising
Every piece displays to the public and further develops the ideals of the company to the world. We help our clients place advertising and publish printed pieces that incorporate their brand while offering a unique solution to further define their presence to their core audience.

An effective branding strategy for a company offers visual cues to let their clients know who is speaking to them. Consistency in certain aspects of every design for a company further reinforces their image and allows quick recognition as well as recall.

Websites and ads are the gateway for a company to the world. This is the age of electronic communication, and the web is the catalyst. For our clients their web pages define them to the world. With goals to keep the branding in tact, intuitive navigation and engaging sites our clients experience increased brand recognition and a direct way of communicating with their customer, no matter what time-zone they live in.

The ability to correct and manipulate photos is important to the integrity of any piece. Veritas Design Group is dedicated to producing high quality images that correctly represent our clients and clearly reinforce their brand. Sometimes the difference is obvious as in these examples.

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