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Embellishmint   Palette   Web

Website URL :
Website design : Veritas Design group
Original Logo : Amy Stirnkorb
Photography, please visit to learn more about the photographers for the examples here.

Embellishmint needed a site that reflected the elegance and high-end style of their floral and decor designs. Pulling color from their logo we embellished the page with rich gold and delicious browns.

The gallery was the most challenging as well as the most enjoyable part of Embellishmint’s site. With over 500 images (to date) we needed a way of displaying the images while still being able to keep the volume. A large live area allowed potential clients to see the detail of the their work. The image scrollbar at the top enabled simple navigation without interrupting the flow of the page.

gold eternal gold

sand golden silk

sand rich chocolate

amy 619.540.7880 or ann 619.952.5248