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To learn more about our fabulous designers click on their bio name or image to learn more about their design attitude. Don't worry, we wont quiz you on it later.
Amy Alexander
Amy has been working in advertising since 1997. She is a graphic designer as well as an accomplished account
manager and project coordinator.

Bold, eye-popping colors and simple
use of photography and graphic elements to make a statement.

favorite things
Large or intensive production jobs, photo manipulation, campaign design and new business launches.

  Ann Weiner
With a design degree from SDCC, Ann founded Ann Weiner Design in 2005 and worked as a freelance graphic designer and artists.

Organic design and rich color that engage the observer and provide intriguing solutions for the client.

favorite things
Illustration, development of color palettes, research, learning new techniques, and getting to know each client and what they need.

amy 619.540.7880 or ann 619.952.5248